A modern and sophisticated neighborhood

Located in the main axis of appreciation from the city of Rio de Janeiro, this planned neighborhood is part of the new metropolitan center of the city. Next to the Olympic Center, this region is also known as Olympic Region.

Cidade Jardim (Garden City) is a large area of 512,000 m2. A place designed in the most innovative urban concepts, with much wide streets, green areas, security and modern infrastructure solutions. A whole new neighborhood, a modern and sophisticated project focused on well-being.

In Cidade Jardim, there are state of the art security systems with cameras monitoring, electronic access control to condominiums and 24 hours rounds. Thus, residents can enjoy the best of community, the neighborhood and the city around.

A dense forest, called “Green Belt”, embraces all Cidade Jardim. This belt is formed by planting different species, creating a natural protection to the neighborhood. The project also includes squares, parks and tree-lined streets, shaping the contours of this new house style.

Cidade Jardim apartments have 2-4 rooms and offers various services and facilities.

Free Basic Services
(included in the condominium fee)

Help desk
Cleaning services
Cleaning Center
Maintenance Center
Access control 24 hours
24-hour security
Landscaping Maintenance
Equity Conservation

Several Pay-Per-Use Services

Custom packages apartment cleaning
Laundry services
Personal trainer
Organization of parties and events
Beauty salon at home
Frozen Meals
Mineral Water supply
Electrical and civil maintenance
Leisure and Fitness Coordinator
Computer Repair
Repair bicycles
Car mechanics and car wash
And everything else you need

Reserva Jardim


Apartments with 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms

42,196 m² Total Area

8 Towers

17 Floors

1,292 Units

Reserva do Parque


Apartments with 3 and 4 bedrooms

42,196 m² Total Area

8 Towers

17 Floors

1,292 Units



Apartments with 2 and 3 bedrooms

28,047 m² Total Area

4 Towers

18 Floors

1,108 Units



Apartments with 4 suites

28,341 m² Total Area

8 Towers

17 Floors

560 Units

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